The Peperhuis

A beautiful building with various rooms, built in 1625

The Peperhuis is situated next to the Indoor Museum on the Wierdijk. It was built in 1625 as a commission from a prosperous businessman. Around 50 years later, the VOC (Dutch East India Company) took over the premises for the storage of spices, tea and textile.

After the demise of the VOC the building was take over by various owners. The Peperhuis was donated to the Zuiderzee Museum in 1947.
The Peperhuis restaurant is situated in two attractive rooms between the thick walls and ancient beams. The open-air terrace gives a view of the wonderful inner court of the Museum.

Front room (room 8) Back room (room 9)
Theatre : 40 people 80 people
Dinner : 50 people 100 people
Party/reception : 60 people 120 people