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Family's fun in the May holiday Sat 22 Apr - Sun 7 May 2017

The Zuiderzee Museum offers all sorts of fun activities for the whole family. The Museum ferry will take you on the IJsselmeer to the Outdoor Museum, where you can make a walk through history. Go for a stroll on the cobbled streets along more than 140 authentic  dwellings, shops and workshops from villages round the former Zuiderzee including a chapel and a fish smoking shed. Give craftsmen by the Marken Harbour a hand making nets, make a rope in the special workshop, give the housemaid a hand or have a chat with the Urk 'residents'. On the city canal there is a dressing-up chest with colourful traditional costumes that the children can put on. Join a 1920s household for a meal, tuck into a lovely fresh-smoked fish and follow a geography or handwriting lesson of bygone days.

And the children? They can try their hand at making a wooden-shoe boat or some other creation in the hobby studio. And of course they can also dress up as residents of Volendam and Marken round 1900. On sunny days they can have great fun at the Waterworks. In short: no problem at all to make a full day of it! ​


The Zuiderzee Museum aims to keep crafts alive and this season they receive even more attention within the context of the central theme Handmade. In the Outdoor Museum, visit the workshops of the fish smoker, sailmaker, ropemaker, netmaker, smith, cooper, stoker and basket weaver. Find out how it is that even today their craftsmanship is of great value and get to work on these trades yourself! In a pavilion designed especially for this year, you can set to work with typical Zuiderzee materials. Discover your creative talents and artisanal qualities. A great experience!