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Crafts take a starring role at the Museum 10.04.2017


This year, various Zuiderzee crafts are in the spotlight under the title Handmade. Since 1983, crafts have been kept alive at the Outdoor Museum, and they will be given special attention this season. A visit to the workshops of the fish smoker, sail maker, roper, blacksmith, cooper, stoker and basket maker, among others, should certainly not be missed. In these workshops you’ll discover that the handcrafts still have value today, and the craftsmen will share the stories of their crafts. A Do-it-yourself pavilion, various craft weekends, a (photo)exhibition, a film and various other presentations about the crafts come together in an innovative season, where you can also roll up your sleeves and get down to work.

Do-it-yourself pavilion

In the Do-it-yourself pavilion, specially designed for this year, visitors can work with typical Zuiderzee materials. Here everyone can discover or develop their creativity and craft skills. You can work with rope, sail cloth, broomsticks and ‘kloten’ (‘balls’), as well as with a variety of big, creative and contemporary materials. There is a workshop facilitator in the pavilion who helps visitors as they make different items, such as lamps or stools.

Craft Weekends

There will be various activities throughout the season, such as demonstrations and workshops. Every month a special Craft Weekend will take place, during which one specific craft will get extra attention. You will see how the craft was carried out in the past, within the Zuiderzee context, and find out which related applications there are today. In addition, the raw material and – where possible – their extraction and processing will be highlighted. You can find all the different Craft Weekends being organized here.