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Pokémon GO in the Museum 04.08.2016


For Pokémon GO players a visit to the Zuiderzee Museum has become even more attractive than it was already. With as many as sixteen PokémonStops and three Gyms, the Outdoor Museum and the Indoor Museum are true Pokémon ‘hotspots’.

So, during a day in the Museum you will not only learn lots of things about the past and present of the Zuiderzee region, but you can also catch a great many wild Pokémon. Are you, together with your friends or family, going to take over the Gyms near the atrium of the Indoor Museum, and near the windmill and the limekilns in the Outdoor Museum? Or are you going to walk many kilometres through the Museum to hatch an egg?

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game for Android and iOS devices, where players can encounter and capture Pokémon in the real world. To find these Japanese virtual creatures you have to go outdoors, because you can only trace them outside. At different well-known locations, for example near statues and old buildings, you will find PokéStops. This is where you can be awarded 'experience points' and useful 'items'. In the Netherlands the app has been downloaded by more than two million players.