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Preview at Dutch Design Week 13.11.2016


During Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven (October 22 – 30), the Zuiderzee Museum presents a preview of the anniversary exhibition 10 Years of Thomas Eyck, which will be on show at the museum from December 23st. A first installation from this series of ten, created by promising visual artist Leon de Bruijne, will be on display at Dutch Design Week. Through his robust, moving sculptures he responds to ‘Porcelain Tableware’, a fragile series created by designer Aldo Bakker and ceramist Frans Ottink for the t.e. collection in 2007. “My urge to test materials by slowly destroying them motivated this installation. Four moving installations challenge the porcelain objects, reinforce them and occasionally wreck them completely…”, De Bruijne comments.

For the exhibition 10 Years of Thomas Eyck, curator Jules van den Langenberg first selected ten characteristic product series from the t.e. collection. Ten designers, artists and architects then each developed an installation that places the selected objects into a new context. The second of these ten ‘chapters’ that make up the exhibition will be on display in Eindhoven. The first ‘chapter’ was presented earlier this year at the Salone del Mobile, Milan.

10 Years of Thomas Eyck

Dutch publisher and distributor Thomas Eyck has stimulated talented designers to create contemporary practical items and art objects in collaboration with artisanal companies since 2007. In a similar manner the Zuiderzee Museum connects young designers to artisanal traditions, investing in a contemporary and relevant exchange between proven craftsmanship and creative industries. With the exhibition 10 Years of Thomas Eyck, the museum reflects on the vision of Thomas Eyck. Together with Eyck and the curator we take a look into the future of Dutch design.

About t.e.

Thomas Eyck is a publisher and distributor of exclusive contemporary design. The works presented under the t.e. label are characterized by the craftsmanship and creativity of the designers and producers, as well as the care and passion that shows from the choice of materials and production techniques. Thomas Eyck selects these designers on the basis of their ‘signature’: “It is important to me that the design, choice of materials and production process are consistent throughout and fully come together.”

Eyck’s collection is growing steadily due to his yearly invitations to one or two designers to create a series of products from a specific type of material. The continuous search for new applications of existing materials has resulted in a number of product series that consist of tin, flax and borosilicate glass, among others. Eyck: “Finding the right materials, craftsmen and producers is just as important as the designers I work with.”

About Jules van den Langenberg

Jules van den Langenberg, a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, works as a maker of exhibitions and a curator. He is considered an innovator within the field of design and art, and known to create exhibitions based on innovative forms of presentation. The notion of ‘exhibition’ thus acquires a different dimension. Van den Langenberg is also an independent editor for Trend Tablet by Lidewij Edelkoort and works at Studio Makkink & Bey as a curator.

About Aldo Bakker

Aldo Bakker is a designer who challenges the dominant notions of his time. Practically all his designs are distinctive for their nearly rebellious lack of consideration for time, fashion or era – not even those of the world around them. At first glance it may seem difficult to determine the purpose of Bakker’s designs. This unruliness is important to Bakker: as the son of designers Gijs Bakker and Emmy van Leersum he decided not to follow the traditional road of education, but rather to seek his own force. Bakker is self-taught and enjoys following his own path. Unlike most designers, Bakker rarely embarks on a design from the desire to find a solution to a practical problem. Though Bakker is unmistakably a designer, functionality is certainly not one of his prime interests.

About Leon de Bruijne

Leon de Bruijne considers his environment to be one large playground, and sheds new light on everyday objects by using them in unconventional ways. Energy, speed, balance and gravity are part of his creative process, during which he constantly engages with scientific challenges. His interactive creations evoke new associations that surprise and astonish visitors.