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Project Valuable by Sara Blokland in the Zuiderzee Museum 15.07.2008


As part of the anniversary of the Zuiderzee Museum artist Sara Blokland has published the book Valuable. It describes the history of the Zuiderzee and the people who lived on its shores, and photographs play a central role in it. The artist’s publication is part of the project of the same name that also includes the audio installation The refreshment Room. This installation is on display in the Museum Park.

Artist’s publication
The book Valuable can be read as a novel relating the history of the Zuiderzee and inhabitants of the surrounding areas in over three hundred pages. A story recorded in words, descriptions and especially photographs of objects from the depot of the Zuiderzee Museum, in the recollections of the inhabitants and the view of the artist. With Valuable Blokland has attempted to make an artist’s publication that examines the role of sound and image in documenting a story. What do we keep, how do we record it, how do we describe it and what does it refer to? In Valuable the emphasis is on the role played by photography in recording this history. The book is available from the Museum Shop at € 29.95 (excluding postage) and can be ordered on

Audio installation
In The Refreshment Room (2008) the individual recollection of a valuable object is at the centre. The audio installation is a reconstruction of the refreshment room as used by the Zuiderzee Museum staff in the past few years. On the basis of assumptions Blokland reconstructed the photographs on the walls and the furniture in image and language. In this way the personal photographs and objects belonging to people who created this room are given cultural-historical value. This installation can be seen and heard in 13 Monnickendam in the museum Park, up to and including 26 October.

About the artist
Sara Blokland (1969) employs photography and video in a conceptual manner, especially examining the complicated role of photography as a means of recording reality. For further information visit

Anniversary event
Valuable and The Refreshment Room are part of the anniversary event on the occasion of the Museum’s sixtieth anniversary. With this comprehensive event the Museum illustrates its new course. This renewed museum demonstrates interrelationships, reaches out into the world and shows all aspects of the Low Countries: art, culture, design, heritage and history. A large number of renowned artists, designers and guest curators are adding lustre to the occasion with their exhibitions, installations, works of art or activities. Among them are Studio Job, Atelier van Lieshout, Hugo Kaagman, Royal Tichelaar, Dick Hauser, Martin Bril, Gross.Max and Piet Oudolf.

The anniversary event is now taking place in the Museum proper, its Museum Park and its area of natural beauty. For our full and detailed anniversary programme, visit