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Studio ZZM: a contemporary take on handicrafts 19.06.2017


The new exhibition Studio ZZM opens to visitors on Friday 30 June. With Studio ZZM, Enkhuizen's Zuiderzee Museum presents a dynamic programme of presentations, workshops, lectures and debates within its own historical context.

A part of the Indoor Museum will be transformed into a studio: an active workplace where historic artisanal expertise is reinterpreted, while at the same time knowledge and ideas can be exchanged. Studio ZZM is a place for reflection on the Zuiderzee Museum of the future.
In six studios, six internationally-known designers will use their own cultural backgrounds as a starting point for their work. In dialogue with a number of the museum's artisans, designers Åbäke, Martino Gamper, Alexis Gautier, Jing He, Noam Toran & Marloes ten Bhömer, Studio Brynjar & Veronika will create new work, which will continue to evolve throughout the exhibition. Studio ZZM is a collaborative project with the Design Academy Eindhoven and curators Jan Boelen and Evelien Bracke.

Different approaches

The international designers view the Zuiderzee Museum through the lens of their own cultures and backgrounds and bring their worlds, knowledge and disciplines to the museum. Each designer emphasises a different aspect of handicrafts: 'crafts as an extended field', in which the focus is not only on technical expertise. For example, Maki focuses on the historical importance of co-operation and dialogue between artisans, Noam Toran and Marloes ten Bhömer highlight artisans' socio-political conditions through a 'work song', and Brynjar & Veronika examine the anthropological side of craftsmanship.

DIY installation

There is also a seventh studio where visitors can get to work themselves using OpenStructures PlayStation 1, an interactive DIY installation. For this installation, the OpenStructures principle created by designers Thomas Lommée and Christiane Högner has been interpreted as a modular construction system; a digital meccano set featuring a range of parts. For the OpenStructures PlayStation 1 edition – designed for the Zuiderzee Museum – the museum's artisans have created new components that complement the existing pieces, connecting a contemporary design and construction system with traditional crafts, materials and expertise.

Design and the Zuiderzee Museum

Every year, the Zuiderzee Museum commissions artists and designers to develop new insights and applications from the museum's knowledge. Studio ZZM connects and reconnects past and present, designers and artisans, the Outdoor and the Indoor Museums, items from the collection and contemporary design items, and the Netherlands and the world.

Jan Boelen

Jan Boelen (born 1967 in Genk) graduated as a product designer from the Media & Design Academy (KHLim), now the LUCA, Campus C-mine, in Genk. He is currently the artistic director of Z33, a house for contemporary art in Hasselt, and is a Head of Department for the Master Course at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Jan Boelen transformed the Provincial Centre for Fine Arts into Z33, a house for contemporary art, commissioned by the Provincial Council of the Province of Limburg.

Evelien Bracke

Evelien Bracke (born 1980 in Ghent) is an independent curator and project co-ordinator. She graduated from Ghent University as an art historian. From 2010 to 2015 she worked at Z33, a house for contemporary art in Hasselt, where she curated and co-ordinated various exhibitions. She was involved in various research projects at St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp and worked for Gallery Fifty One fine art photography gallery in Antwerp for a number of years. She recently curated the MANUFACTURE 3.0 exhibition for Z33 as part of the Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk multidisciplinary arts festival.