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Zuiderzee Museum opens exhibition ‘10 Years of Thomas Eyck’ 09.12.2016


On 23 December next the exhibition 10 Years of Thomas Eyck will be opened in the Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizen. This exposition is a unique one of its kind in that both Thomas Eyck and the Museum are commissioners of new design with the focus on high-quality workmanship and artisan-made objects. In 10 Years of Thomas Eyck everything converges that is equally valued by Eyck and the Museum: the designs, the materials, the craft and the people behind all this.    

Artists Lernert & Sander demonstrate this with the very first object that the visitor comes across in the exhibition: a projector recording its own birth on 16 mm film. The film (view the teaser here) shows a number of the workshops of Thomas Eyck's producers, where parts of the projector have been re-produced in osier wood, porcelain, flax, copper, oak and leather. Lernert & Sander, also known as film makers, are among the ten artists in the exhibition 10 Years of Thomas Eyck, which will be on until 14 May 2017.   

Who is Thomas Eyck?
Not only has Thomas Eyck been a source of inspiration to the world of design for a decade, he also breathes new life into local workshops and enriches the world with beautiful objects. The idea behind the exhibition format is to generate a debate and a library of reflections on the current status of Eyck's label 't.e.'. This format has been realized by curator Jules van den Langenberg (1988), among others, who asked ten young and enthusiastic artists, designers and architects to make installations, in each of which a particular series of objects by Thomas Eyck occupies central stage. For the youngsters of the métier these installations are a way to reflect on the designs of contemporaries – sometimes full of praise, sometimes critically.    

Why Thomas Eyck?
Thomas Eyck conceived a passion for working with traditional material when working for ceramics specialist Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum for seven years. The ceramic clay is dug up a few hundred metres from the company site. This basically valueless raw material is processed, modelled and painted, to end up as a valuable product. “It fascinates me to see how, with a good design and the right artisans, something truly remarkable can be made out of nothing. With objects created this way, I always sense the energy and time put into it. To me this is an exceptional luxury”, Eyck says.

Thomas Eyck invests time, first and foremost in a person. A generous mentality that has manifested itself in a collection of iconic objects – objects characterized by a certain cultural value, in addition to a financial one. For the Museum it was a reason to compile this jubilee exhibition in honour of Thomas Eyck: in the capacity of commissioner of new design, like Thomas himself, it aims to look back and ahead in the world of design.