The outdoor museum on the map

The Outdoor Museum accommodates authentic houses from the former Zuiderzee region, such as a church, a school, a fish-smoking workplace and dwelling houses from the surrounding fishing villages. This application gives information on the origin of the premises that now stand in the Outdoor Museum.

Left-hand Map

The map on the left-hand side shows an aerial photo (or map) of the Outdoor Museum. By clicking on a marked building (blue balloon), another blue balloon appears on the right-hand map showing the place of origin of the building in question.

Right-hand map

If you click on the marker in the right-hand map, you will obtain information on the building in question and on the function or residents in bygone days. It is also possible to zoom in on the map. By means of the Transparency button (the blue bar), you can switch back and forth from Google Maps to a special historical map. By selecting a year, you can navigate through time. In 14 steps, you can see how the Zuiderzee region has changed, from around 1200 BC to the present day.