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Sail-making weekend > Sun 2 Jul 2017


As part of the key theme Handmade, the Zuiderzee Museum will organize special craft weekends  this season, when each month a whole weekend is devoted to a specific craft. Not only can you see how the craft used to be carried out in the old days – within the Zuiderzee context – but also what applications still exist today. In addition the raw material and, if possible, the way it is obtained and processed is explained.

Sail-making weekend

During the sail-making weekend, on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July, there will be lots of things to be seen and done. At the sail-maker's, there will be demonstrations of old sail-making techniques. Here you can see from close by how sails are made and repaired. And experts will teach you how to hoist the sails of a Staveren jolly-boat.   
Adults can make their own canvas bag during a workshop in the do-it-yourself pavilion and scouts of Mercury Enkhuizen will teach children how to make knots and do semaphore signals. In the Marken harbour sails will be tanned (for conservation purposes) and the TX11 is moored, ready to be admired. And finally Merel Karhof will be there with her design presentation Tanning Lab, where visitors can tan their own key fob.