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Steam weekend > Sun 17 Sep 2017


As part of the key theme Handmade, the Zuiderzee Museum will organize special craft weekends  this season, when each month a whole weekend is devoted to a specific craft. Not only can you see how the craft used to be carried out in the old days – within the Zuiderzee context – but also what applications still exist today. In addition the raw material and, if possible, the way it is obtained and processed is explained.

Steam weekend

The steam weekend, on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September, has all the signs of becoming  very special: the oldest and still functioning steam locomotive is coming to the Zuiderzee Museum. After a decade of restoration work by staff of the Hoorn-Medemblik steam tram Museum, this exceptional locomotive can be admired from close by, while steam sloops are sailing back and forth off the Museum. The different functions of steam are shown. In the boiler room of the steam laundry the stoker will tell you all about his work and in the drying shed next to the steam laundry you can see how small steam engines are built. Children can get cracking with small steam engines, so that they can see and discover how steam energy is produced. And finally there is a model steam train doing rounds of the limekilns, while several stationary steam engines are turning in the church quarter.