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Water fun during the summer holidays > Sun 19 Aug 2012


At the Zuiderzee Museum, the summer holidays are wholly devoted to fun on and around water. Perceive, do, learn, experience everything that is connected to water. Throw a ‘monkey’s fist’ like a real sailor, listen to tall stories from the seafarers, build your own dike from clay, or learn everything about the sails of a boat. On entering the Museum, children will be issued with a water-fun map. This map shows the route to all kinds of special activities.

From 23 June to 19 August, children visiting the Zuiderzee Museum can work personally with the blacksmith’s hammer. In the Smeedlab (wrought-iron lab), they will process a piece of iron under the supervision of a blacksmith. Furnaces and anvils have been set up in the Outdoor Museum. In an authentic iron-working outfit, including a cotton smock, safety goggles and gloves, children will create a work of art from an iron bar. An extra contribution will be requested for this activity.

During the summer holidays, all kinds of entertaining children’s activities will be available, such as dressing up in traditional costume, making a skipping rope, and taking lessons in writing (with a dip pen) and geography as taught in the thirties, Old Dutch games, and sailing on a cutter. Some activities request a small extra contribution.

Year of water
Water is inextricably linked with the Netherlands and is the central theme in the Zuiderzee Museum in 2012. The Head of the Water Board, a fisherman from (the former island of) Urk and houseboat dwellers will talk about everything concerning their experience with water. Why not begin investigating the topic yourself and discover the role of water in the Netherlands? In the past, present, and future. You can help the Head of the Water Board by taking precautionary measures. Via Skype, you can also connect to an Urk fisherman at sea. Find out how it is to live on the water nowadays and what it was like to live on a dike in the previous century.