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Claire Twomey - Monument > Sun 29 Oct 2017


You simply cannot miss the British artist Clare Twomey’s contribution to the Zuiderzee Museum’s architecture! Her work entitled Monument consists of hundreds of shards and pieces of household chinaware and antique ceramic tiles which seem to penetrate the walls and the floors of the building, as if, in time, the entire space would be filled with them.

Installing a heap of broken and discarded household objects in a museum, where objects are normally carefully kept and preserved from perishing, may feel like blasphemy. After all, museums are there to protect, restore and keep cultural heritage for posterity. Monument is a playful interpretation of the concept that the remainders of household goods do have a cultural value. Who would not be moved by being reminded of mom’s favourite mug, the saucer that was smashed to pieces in a domestic quarrel and that old milk jug with its many cracks?

Monument is a composition of thousands of broken tiles, plates, cups, jugs and other ceramic household objects. The tiles are from the Zuiderzee Museum’s massive collection of 40,000 tiles that, at the time, were acquired to decorate the buildings in the outdoor museum. For your reassurance: only the worst ones were ‘sacrificed’ for Monument.