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Design route > Sun 29 Oct 2017

In the Outdoor Museum you will find premises that used to be located at various places round the former Zuiderzee. Across this historic setting we have set out the design route: at different locations you can see how the cultural history of the Zuiderzee has inspired designers and artists to create new insights. Using modern interpretations of traditional techniques, materials and  themes, the Zuiderzee Museum underlines the value of our heritage for the present.

Examples include Richard Hutten's contemporary Zuiderzee Chair in the chapel and the wooden shoes by Viktor & Rolf in the farmhouse on the city canal. In addition there are a number of new presentations this year, for example the Weathering Blue project of Aliki van der Kruis in the fishermen's quarter and the autonomous work An Immigration of Julia Mandle at the sailmaker's. In Marken harbour you will find Merel Karhof's Tanning Laboratory, based on the tanning trade. Here this traditional technique is used to develop new products.  

Starting point

The starting point of the design route is a cottage in the fishermen's quarter, where an introduction will take place. You will receive a plan of the route on arrival at the Museum.

Visit the following design presentations in the Outdoor Museum: