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Handmade > Sun 29 Oct 2017


Keeping traditional trades alive is one of the Museum's key activities, but this season even more attention is called to the crafts. You are welcome to visit the workshops of the seven core trades in the Outdoor Museum: sailmaking, rope making, forging, making barrels and baskets, smoking fish and stoking. The artisans will be only too happy to tell you all about their work.   

Further you will be introduced to artisanal materials from the Zuiderzee region. And as the emphasis is now more particularly on taking part in the manufacturing process, there is a dedicated new pavilion: the DIY pavilion. Here you are challenged to find out what you can make with your own hands. In addition the pavilion offers workshops and shows videos of the designers at work: one of these is a video of students of the Design Academy Eindhoven, in which they explore the interfaces between Dutch Design and traditional crafts. This way the Zuiderzee Museum illustrates the connection of the crafts with present-day design.

DIY pavilion

In this pavilion the visitors are invited to hone their skills as amateur artisans by getting to work with all sorts of materials related to traditional crafts. You can work with rope or sailcloth, for example, or with broomsticks and 'kloten', but also with a wide variety of creative and modern materials. Here everyone can discover or even further develop their creativity and artisanal skills. In the pavilion there is a workshop supervisor who puts you on your way.   
Throughout the season a variety of other activities is organized, such as workshops or activities arising from the special craft weekends: each month one particular craft is highlighted.  

22 and 23 April: Basket weaving weekend
20 and 21 May: A weekend at the smithy
10 and11 June: Ropemaking weekend
1 and 2 July: Sailmaking weekend
11, 12 and 13 August: Maritime festival (fishing crafts)
16 and 17 September: Steam weekend
7 and 8 October: A weekend at the cooper's


In the Outdoor Museum's filmhouse a documentary is shown by filmmaker Wendy van Wilgenburg about six artisans from the former Zuiderzee region, who have continued to practise their trade to this very day. They will tell you about the exercise of their profession in the year 2017, also dealing with current threats such as a lack of successors, environmental regulations, complaints from neighbours and ignorance on the part of the younger generations.   

Historical portraits  

In the photo room, in the chapel quarter, there is a small exhibition about the various workshops of the Museum with historical portraits of artisans from the former Zuiderzee region. Where are these workshops from? And what function did they have? 

Studio ZZM

Visit the exhibition Studio ZZM in the Indoor Museum from Friday 30 June. The exhibition shows the results of the cooperation between the seven master craftsmen of the Zuiderzee Museum and six designers from this country and abroad.  

Visit the Zuiderzee Museum and immerse yourself in the events!