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Ships Hall Permanent exhibition


Come and admire the large collection of wooden ships in the Indoor Museum. Make a stroll among the boats and have a real close look at them! These historical, wooden vessels belong to the most valuable items in the museum’s collection. Amongst other types on display are a Marken botter (a flat-bottomed fishing boat typical of the isle of Marken), an ice boat, a Frisian hunting boat and many other types of ships, all typical of the Zuiderzee region.

Audio-visual installation

Amidst the old, historical sails there is a new sail, which serves as a projection screen for video artist Arnout Hulskamp’s audio-visual installation. Look and shiver at the recorded images of violent storms, followed by periods of sheer silence and calmness. It is the water that plays the lead role here; the fishermen on board of the smacks, labouring – but also laughing – are merely passers-by.

Have a look in the Ships Hall with Google Street View.