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Studio ZZM > Sun 6 May 2018

The project Studio ZZM consists of two parts: the pavilion in the Outdoor Museum (open from 1 April to 29 October 2017) and the exhibition in the Indoor Museum (open from 30 June 2017). The project transforms the Zuiderzee Museum into a bustling studio where crafts are given new applications, and ideas and expertise are exchanged. Studio ZZM is a dynamic programme that is constantly changing.


In the DIY pavilion 'making and thinking' are given shape by means of workshops, lectures and films. Imagine you are the craftsman and the designer, use your inventiveness and put your shoulder to the wheel. Let yourself be inspired by the modular building system of OpenStructures PlayStation 1 and by the materials and techniques of the Zuiderzee Museum.

OpenStructures PlayStation 1: an interactive do-it-yourself installation
The OpenStructures principle of designers Thomas Lommée and Christiane Högner involves a modular construction system, a meccano set consisting of widely varying parts. For the OpenStructures PlayStation 1 edition, especially designed for the Zuiderzee Museum, existing pieces have been supplemented with parts made by the craftsmen of the Zuiderzee Museum. This way a present-day design and construction system is linked up with traditional crafts, materials and expertise. In the pavilion, a video selection shows the artisanal and technological production process of the OpenStructures parts.    

Projects of the Design Academy Eindhoven
Especially for the Zuiderzee Museum, master students of the Design Academy Eindhoven have drawn inspiration from the Zuiderzee heritage. Four projects are shown in four short videos. The projects examine and reinterpret Dutch traditions, creating new connections between the Museum and its direct environment. In addition they are placing the Zuiderzee region in a new context, facilitating interaction between the past and the present and connecting 'local' and 'worldwide'.
Students Design Academy Eindhoven: Annegret Bönemann, Anais Borie, Yen-An Chen, Miruna Dunu, Chris Kooper, Aram Lee, Aleks Pietrzykowska, Guillaume Rousseaux, Sein Sakaguchi, Dasha Tsapenko, Ottonie von Roeders
Mentors Design Academy Eindhoven: Foodcurators, Koehorst in ’t Veld, Rianne Makkink


Studio ZZM presents a critical and dynamic programme of presentations, workshops, lectures and discussions in the unique historical context of the Zuiderzee Museum. The Museum is treated as a studio, an active working place where historic artisanal expertise is being reinterpreted, where knowledge and ideas can be exchanged, linked and examined. It is a place to reflect on the Zuiderzee Museum of the future. In six studios, six foreign designers get to work with the Museum's master craftsmen proceeding from their own cultural background. The designers Åbäke, Martino Gamper, Alexis Gautier, Jing He, Noam Toran & Marloes ten Bhömer, Studio Brynjar & Veronika are making new work, which will develop and evolve in the course of the exhibition period.  

Every year the Zuiderzee Museum commissions artists and designers to further develop the Museum's expertise into new insights and to apply them. This co-operation between designer and master craftsman ensures an intermeshing of artisanal expertise, professional knowledge from a variety of disciplines and personal stories.   

Curators: Jan Boelen (Z33) and Evelien Bracke
Film designer: Alexandre Humbert

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