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The Colour of Water > Sun 6 Jan 2013

Discover the fascination for water in the ING Collection


Up to 6 January 2013 the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen presents paintings and photographs from the ING Collection in the Indoor Museum. The exhibition The Colour of Water comprises approximately sixty works of art. This selection shows works of prominent artists on their search for the reflection, form and representation of water. The title also refers to the Museum's annual theme. 

The exhibition is a joint initiative of ING Art Management and the Zuiderzee Museum and has been compiled by Caroline Vos, curator of the ING Collection. The earliest work in this exhibition is a view of a village by Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot (c.1585-1666) and dates from 1643. Works by Ruud van Empel, Dick Pieters and Sven Kroner, amongst others, are also part of the presentation. In addition Ms Vos has included some works from the collection of the Zuiderzee Museum.

Artists in residence

In conjunction with ING, the Zuiderzeemuseum is offering six artists a place as ‘Artist in Residence’ during the exhibition. Each month one of them will be staying in the Zuiderzee Museum to draw his inspiration from the surroundings of the former Zuiderzee. The work of each artist will be added to the exhibition. The Zuiderzee Museum encourages young artists and designers to visualize their vision of the collection, the Museum and the history of the Zuiderzee, which invariably results in surprising new designs and works of art. The Museum presents these contemporary top pieces on a regular basis, in a setting of authentic objects. In this way an interesting interaction is effected between the collection and current design aimed to involve the visitor in the creative process that results in the works of art.

About the ING Collection 

Not only is art an essential component of ING's corporate identity, it also colours its daily working environment. Art can be found everywhere with ING: in the corridors, offices, meeting rooms and restaurants. Many staff feel it is a privilege to have art so close to them, creating a wonderful ambience for meeting and inspiration. The ING art can also be admired outside ING office hours as ING organizes exhibitions on a regular basis and loans works to museums in this country and abroad. 

ING Art Management consciously chooses to collect and follow work of successive generations of artists from the 30s and afterward, having a preference for the moving spirits of the period within figurative art. It is those very encounters between young and old that make the collection such an interesting whole. The Dutch ING Collection has always remained true to figurative art, even against the latest crazes and fashions. Therefore one may rightly say that the collection has played a significant part in the increase of world-wide appreciation of contemporary figurative art.

Ruud van Empel - World #23, 2006