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Acquisition of historic sampler of 1617 03.06.2015

afbeelding Acquisition of historic sampler of 1617

The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen has managed to add one of the oldest known samplers of this country to its collection. It concerns a sampler of Margen Tames Dochter from North Holland, of 1617. It is estimated at € 3,500 and has been given a place in the newly opened exhibition Hand of the maker. Here our Museum presents a collection of over 80 samplers from round the Zuider Zee, a number of which have never been on view before. The exhibition will run till 25 October 2015.

This sampler is embroidered in silk on wool mousseline and bears two alphabets on the top side. The first one in Gothic-type capitals and the second in small letters, and what strikes one most is that the p and the q are depicted quite differently. The rest of the sampler has been used for different motifs, of which the ship with sailors is the most eye-catching. To the right and above the ship there is an embroidery of a monkey sitting in an armchair. The Zuiderzee Museum has acquired this sampler from a private collection. 

Curator Erik Walsmit: “It is obvious from the motifs that the girl who embroidered the sampler had an extremely balanced sense of colour. It is quite hard to find the right colour combinations when embroidering a sampler.”