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Jelle Mastenbroek - Meneer Vis ging uit reizen…(Mr Fish went on a journey…) 23.03.2016


glass, wood, porcelain, earthenware, metal, 154 x 130 x 58 cm

A late nineteenth-century upper middle class interior was not complete without a show cabinet. This cabinet once was the property of the paint manufacturer Jan Marinus Vis (1856-1918) from the village of Zaandijk. It is a so-called bonheur du jour-kast, also known as ‘fortune cabinet’. And fortunate he was, this Mr Vis – at least in business. He had an extensive business network and travelled all over Europe, the USA, Canada and even Cuba, from which journeys he used to bring home a variety of coffee and tea services which he displayed in his show cabinet.

Commissioned by the Zuiderzee Museum, designer Jelle Mastenbroek (1988) made a biographical sound box about Mr Vis telling stories about his overseas adventures. The objects in the cabinet are from several origins, including Belgium, Germany, France, Britain, Sweden, Norway and the USA.

By inserting a Euro, visitors can join Mr Vis on a musical tour along his overseas destinations.

Music composed by Aart Strootman.

This acquisition could be made thanks to the generous support of the Friends of the Zuiderzee Museum association.