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Margen Tames Dochter - Sampler 29.04.2015


silk, wool, 34 x 34.5 cm

During the preparations for the Hand of the Maker exhibition, the Museum was approached by a private person who offered this sampler for sale. This truly unique item, which was made by Margen Tamesdochter in 1617 – and therefore possibly the oldest sampler in a public collection – has silk embroideries on a white mousseline underground. At the bottom there is an embroidered text reading ”dit her het margen tames dochter gheneit anno 1617” (this here was made by margen tames daughter a.d. 1617). The sampler is embroidered with several different alphabets, the edges are decorated with various motifs, of which the ship with sailors stands out most. As this was a once-only opportunity to acquire this truly unique item, the Museum purchased it and put it on display in the Hand of the Maker exhibition.