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The following conditions are applicable to this website:

Whoever visits this website and uses the information it supplies, declares himself/herself in agreement with these conditions. The information on this website is aimed to provide general information and is liable to alteration without notice. Demonstrations and activities mentioned on the website are subject to alterations. The Zuiderzee Museum cannot vouch for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the information offered.  

The Zuiderzee Museum is under no obligation to bring the information offered up to date or to correct any mistakes. No rights may be derived from the information provided. 
Visitors of this website may be referred to information supplied by third parties, whether or not through hyperlinks. The use of such hyperlinks is entirely at one’s own risk. The Zuiderzee Museum accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to content, use or availability of such internet sites. Their content has not in any way been judged by the Zuiderzee Museum on its sensibleness, correctness, topicality or completeness.                                          

The Zuiderzee Museum reserves all rights (such as, but not limited to, copyrights, brand rights, patents) with regard to information presented by the Zuiderzee Museum (such as, but not limited to, texts, pictures, graphic materials and logos). No licence in any form is issued with regard to this information, except as far as is strictly necessary for viewing this website online. It is allowed, however, to print and/or download information from this website for one’s personal use.          

It is particularly prohibited to multiply, publish, distribute, process, adapt or in any other way make public or multiply the contents of this website or parts thereof, without the explicit prior permission in writing of the Zuiderzee Museum or the rightful permission of the party entitled.                 

The security of messages sent to the Zuiderzee Museum by email is not guaranteed. The Zuiderzee Museum does not guarantee that emails or other electronic messages are received and processed in time, and in consequence the Museum cannot accept any responsibility or liability with regard to any consequences of not receiving or processing such messages, or of a delay in receiving or processing them.

Dutch law is applicable to this website, these conditions and this disclaimer. In case versions of these user’s conditions in other languages should show discrepancies or lead to differences of interpretation, the version in the Dutch language is decisive. The Court of Law of Alkmaar has exclusive jurisdiction when it comes to passing judgement on any disputes that may arise in connection with this website.  

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