The Zuiderzee Museum consists of an Indoor Museum with exhibitions, and an Outdoor Museum with various authentic premises, workplaces and a harbour.

Outdoor Museum

The open-air section covers 15 acres and accommodates buildings from the former Zuiderzee region, such as a church, a fish-curing shed, a mill, a cheese warehouse, shops and dwelling houses from the surrounding fishing villages. Everyone can become acquainted with the crafts and life of the past in a light-footed manner.

The Outdoor Museum will be open again from 30 March 2018 onwards. 

Indoor Museum

The indoor museum is the treasure chest of the Zuiderzee. Various temporary exhibitions display the rich collection of the museum in a present-day setting. With history, photography, traditional costume, design, the indoor museum offers something for everyone.

The Indoor Museum is open the whole year round, with the exception of Christmas Day.